Thursday, September 17, 2015



1579/84 Martino Longhi the Elder (1534/91) with beautiful courtyard and portico

It is connected to the Palazzo Cenci Bolognetti with the ARCO DEI CENCI (Arch of the Cenci family)

On the main floor frescos “Scenes of the Exodus of the Jews led by Moses” 1583/87 by Giovanni Guerra (1544/1618) and assistants, including Vitruvio Alberi (active 1575/dead after 1590)

“Giovanni Baglione reserved to Guerra in 1642 a very detailed biography, with a preliminary list of works (...) and the memory of his business capacity, which also contributed, with its scathing critical reviews, in the general devaluation of the late Roman Mannerism, to make forget the artist quickly, considered far from any appreciable qualitative standard. Only after the mid-twentieth century, initially through the study of his drawings, there was the beginning of the philological and critical recovery of the multifarious activities of Guerra, with particular attention to his ways of organizing a building site and the role of independent and original inventor of sacred and profane iconography” (Mario Bevilacqua - Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani Treccani)

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