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1928/32 Giuseppe Capponi (1893/1936) for the Company Nervi and Nebbiosi

Elegant building in stylized forms reminiscent of Francesco Borromini

The Sardinian Giuseppe Capponi, also author of the Institute of Botany and Pharmacology of the University La Sapienza, was representative of the Italian Movement for Rational Architecture (MIAR)

He tragically died on the island of Capri only 43 years old

“In the process of the renewal of the architectural language that developed in Rome in the second half of the twenties, the research of Giuseppe Capponi has a special role because it is directed towards subjects unrelated both to the echoes of the Vienna Secession, and to the ambiguities of 'Barocchetto' (Small Baroque). In this work (...) the interest is mainly focused on the formal values of the curved surfaces presented through a modern reading with geometric characteristics typical of some Baroque works. (...) The semi-cylindrical grooves of the fa├žades allow to withdraw some rooms and remove the central courtyard so that it can be replaced by two small cloisters that light up the spiral staircase and the service areas. (...) The building has two apartments per floor featuring some interesting distribution solutions because they are lacking corridors and disengaged only by a pair of atria” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

Here lived the architect Pier Luigi Nervi (1891/1979) in the period in which the Company Nervi e Nebbiosi took care to carry out his plans for the 1960 Olympic Games: the Corso Francia viaduct and the Palazzetto dello Sport (Sports Hall)

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