Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Room VII - Lights and Colors in the Fog. Venetian, Lombard and Emilian Painters

Vault: “Muses with Apollo and Minerva” beginning of 1600s by an anonymous artist of the seventeenth-century
“Madonna with Child” by Niccolò Rondinelli (about 1450/1510)
“St. Jerome Penitent” 1503 by Marco Palmezzano (1459/1539)
“Christ crucified” and “Madonna with St. John the Evangelist” by the Lombard Bernardino Butinone (about 1450/1510)
“One of the most interesting personalities of Lombard painting of the time, Butinone stands out for the search of clear shapes, almost plastic, with a deep coloring, highlighted by blackish shades, for a valuable sense of matter, derived from the study of Mantegna and of the painters from Ferrara” (Enciclopedia Treccani)
“Portrait of a Young Man” maybe by Lorenzo Lotto (about 1480/1556)
“The inspiration to Alvise Vivarini and Antonello da Messina is evident in the geometric regularity with which the character's face is drawn by the slight movement of the head and by his gaze quietly melancholic: the painter was to become a specialist in the representation of states of mind” (Official website of the Barberini Gallery - www.galleriabarberini.beniculturali.it)

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