Sunday, June 5, 2016



Early sixteenth century for Cardinal Francesco Armellini Medici treasurer of Clement VII Medici (1523/34) over a building of the previous century
Armellini was a Cardinal very powerful but hated for the taxes he imposed. During the sack of Rome in 1527 he fled to Castel Sant'Angelo and he entered it lifted in a basket. He died soon after of a broken heart
Paul III Farnese (1534/49) gave the palace to various relatives of his
1545/50 arrangement of the GARDEN maybe by Guidetto Guidetti (about 1498/1564) for the collection of antiquities of Cardinal Federico Cesi to whom family the palace had passed
The Cesi family had it restored in the years 1570/77 by Martino Longhi the Elder (1534/91)
Cardinal Pier Donato Cesi turned it into a museum of antiquities and art objects of which only a marble ancient “Lion's Head” remains, nestled in the upper part of the corner with Via Pfeiffer
The palace is now the property of the Salvatorians Fathers
The frescoes inside the building were painted in the years 1930/50

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