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1938/43 Adalberto Libera (1903/63) who was able to complete it only in the years 1952/54 because of the war
1988/93 reconsolidated and restructured by Antonio Gallo Curcio (1932) e Paolo Portoghesi (1931)
It was originally built with reinforced concrete and a monumental façade in travertine marble
“It is divided by the superposition of two pure volumes, respectively a parallelepiped and a cube (...). It reaches the peak of the balance between modern composition and classical purity” (Giorgio Muratore)
“Among the buildings of the E42 made ​​for the competitions, the Palace of the Conventions was the only one who has succeeded in a modern interpretation of the constraints imposed by the competition itself. One should remember that Libera tried in every way to prevent the insertion of columns in the façade, but in the end he had to work out a compromise solution in which the columns, however, assume an abstract stylization and don't have any capitals” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)
Frescoes “Origins of Rome” 1953 by Achille Funi (1890/1972) covered with panels by Gino Severini (1883/1966)
Restored by Paolo Portoghesi (1931)
In the CAFETERIA there are mosaics by Angelo Canevari (1901/55)
Here took place the fencing competitions of the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960
In 1977 a terrorist attack damaged it on the eve of a conference of the right-wing Italian party Movimento Sociale Italiano

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