Friday, January 13, 2017


1878/81 as the headquarters of the Società dei Molini e Pastificio Pantanella (Society of Mills and Pasta Factory Pantanella) on the site of the ancient STATIO ANNONAE headquarters of the praefectus annonae who was charged with the administration of the food supply of the city of Rome
In this area was also built later the PALACE OF NICHOLAS I (858/867)
Renovated in 1930 for the MUSEO DI ROMA (Museum of Rome) organized by Antonio Muñoz
The museum was here until 1952 when it was transferred to Palazzo Braschi
From 1952 the building was used as a WAREHOUSE FOR THE ROMA OPERA HOUSE and later for MUNICIPAL OFFICES
It is the only remnant of the small industrial center built at the end of the nineteenth century in this area. The whole area of the Circus Maximus until the thirties of the twentieth century was occupied by industrial warehouses and even by a gasometer
All buildings except the Pantanella Palace were dismantled to put emphasis on the archaeological remains
In 1930, under the palace the MITHRAEUM OF THE CIRCUS MAXIMUS of the third century AD was found. It was built by reusing existing rooms. On the back wall extraordinary relief “Mithras slaying the bull”

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