Wednesday, July 5, 2017


End of 1800s by Gaetano Koch (1849/1910) for Senator Mengarini
Since 1915, it was property of Senator Luigi Albertini, editor of the newspaper Corriere della Sera, one of the main lobbyists for the Italian intervention in World War I, and since 1941, after his death, of his daughter Elena, married to Count Nicolò Carandini
After World War II the building then took the name of PALAZZO CARANDINI
The prestigious place in which it stands and the incomparable view are such that in the fifties the Agnelli family (founders and directors of FIAT cars) decide to use the building as their residence in Rome
Modern myth has it that two floors of the building were won during a card game between the lawyer Gianni Agnelli and Count Nicolò Carandini
Another rumor still more insistent wants that the building has been favored by the Agnelli because its height exceeds that of the Torrino del Quirinale, as if to symbolize the role played by the Agnelli family as substitute of the House of Savoy after the war

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