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Built in the fifteenth century for the ORSINI FAMILY on the ruins of the fortress of Giordano Orsini of the fourteenth century
The fortress had been built in turn over an original nucleus of the twelfth century, the Castle of Giovanni Concione from Riano
The impressive building complex is located on MONTE GIORDANO (Mount Jordan) artificial mound believed by some to be corresponding to the Amphitheater of Statilius Taurus, which, however, was most probably built on the site of Palazzo Cenci Bolognetti
It is mentioned by Dante in Canto XVIII of his Inferno: From the one hand, everyone has the face to the castle and go to St. Peter, from the other side they go towards the mountain
From 1286 to 1688 it was the headquarters of the powerful Orsini family
From 1688 to 1888 it belonged to the Gabrielli di Regola
Since 1888 it is property of Taverna counts from Milan who still own it and rent for receptions
Fourfold basin within an exedra of laurels 1615/18 by Antonio Felice Casoni (1559/1634) modified in 1700
Large paintings including “Esther before Ahasuerus” and “Finding of Moses” about 1711 by the great painter from the Veneto region Sebastiano Ricci (1659/1734) and other paintings by G.B. Pittoni (1687/1767)
“The art of Sebastiano Ricci from Belluno can be considered a true paradigm of painting of the eighteenth century. Because it exemplifies what will be the constant tendency of all the best painters, namely the analysis of multiple experiences of the present and the past, extended far beyond the limits of their school, to be summarized in a modern angle, both interpretative and technical. Such a re-enactment of the still fertile seventeenth century matrices, implemented in various youth travel with broad diversification, allowed him to make a clear break against the now fruitless local culture” (Giancarlo Sestieri)
“Death of Virginia Romana” 1793/1804 by Vincenzo Camuccini (1771/1844)
Frescoes 1688/90 by Bonaventura Lamberti (about 1653/1721) and 1812/16 by Liborio Coccetti (1739/1816)

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