Saturday, August 25, 2018


1936 Clemente Busiri Vici (1887/1965)
Only the outer walls remained standing after the bombing of the Allied Forces on March 3, 1944
It was rebuilt in 1949 and completed inside in 1953
In the ceiling round panels “Stories of St. Benedict” by Ferruccio Ferrazzi (1891/1978)
“After a debut inspired by Segantini and a temporary, partial adherence to Futurism, he followed the neo-classicism of the Novecento (Twentyeth-Century) current, albeit mitigated with accents of Pre-Raphaelite origin. He thoroughly studied encaustic technique and he used it, especially in wall paintings” (Enciclopedia Treccani)
In the CHAPELS two paintings:
“Madonna and Child” 1951 by Silvio Consadori (1909/94)
 ”St. Joseph with Jesus teenager” 1953 by Luigi Filocamo (1906/88)
Canvas “St. Benedict” by Ferruccio Ferrazzi

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