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1630 for Filippo Colonna who also wanted to dedicate it to Our Lady of Mount Carmel
It was built in the area of the older church S. Lorenzo in Janiculo or De Curtibus

“Funeral Monument of Veronica Rondinini Origo” by Carlo Fontana (1634/1714)

“Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Simon Stock” about 1630 by Andrea Camassei (1602/49)
In the chancel “Virgin and Sts. Teresa and Joseph” by Andrea Pozzo (1642/1709)

“St. Egidio” by Cristoforo Roncalli aka Pomarancio (1552/1626)

In the monastery, since 1968, there are the headquarters of the Comunit√† di S. Egidio (Community of St. Egidio) a “public association of lay people of the Catholic Church” formed by about 50,000 members living in more than 70 countries around the world, dedicated to communicating the Gospel and its implementation in practice, helping the poor, the sick and those in need of help
In the MONASTERY there is also the

Museo di Roma in Trastevere

Museum of Rome in the Trastevere District
Section of the Museo di Roma (Museum of Rome) opened in 1977 in the wing renovated by Attilio Spaccarelli (1890/1975)
It show aspects of everyday Roman life from the late 1700s to the end of 1800s
Six “Roman Scenes” depicting life-size aspects of everyday Roman life in the nineteenth century:
A pharmacy, the depot of a wine wagon, the courtyard of an inn where one could dance the saltarello (a Roman folk dance), the interior of an inn, a public square with a public scribe and two pipers in front of a shrine
“Nativity scene” set in Rome in the nineteenth century
Materials belonging to the Roman poet Trilussa (1871/1950) donated after his death to the City of Rome, shown in part in the so-called TRILUSSA ROOM including a “Vase of the deers” in bronze 1903/06 by Duilio Cambellotti (1876/1960)
Terracotta sculpture by Achille Pinelli (1809/41)

Series of paintings of “Vanished Rome” of the end of the nineteenth century by Roesler Franz (1845/1907)
“Night View of Rome” by Amedeo Simonetti (1874/1922)
“Fantastic view of the Palatine Hill” by Carl Friederch Seiffert (1809/91)
Watercolor “The fishmonger in Portico d'Ottavia” about 1824 by the Englishman Samuel Prout (1783/1852)
“Piazza Colonna at night” by Pasquale Ruggero (1851/1915)
“Lunch in the country” in 1858 by Vincenzo Morani (1809/70)
Small views by Diego Angeli (1869/1937)
“The seller of hot chestnuts in Via Sistina” 1867 by Arnoldo Corrodi (1846/74)

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