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1546 with the adjoining monastery on the site of the ancient TEMPLE OF MINERVA FROM CHALCIDICE
Founded by S. Ignatius of Loyola to accommodate women badly married, or married women in public sin without fear of God and shameless of men who wanted to rehabilitate themselves
Renovated with the monastery in the years 1668/71 by Giovanni Antonio De Rossi (1616/95) and 1671/96 by Carlo Fontana (1634/1714) who also designed the interior
“A masterpiece of improvisation is the church for the Augustinian of St. Martha at the Collegio Romano. It was a sixteenth-century church with a single nave that Fontana modified by adding the side chapels and raising the vault considerably. The interior decoration as well was probably designed by Fontana and executed by Leonardo Retti and G.B. Gaulli” (Helmut Hager - Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani Treccani)
1852 by Luigi Poletti (1792/1869)
The property of the church passed to the Italian State in 1872. Since then it was used as barracks and military store
The MONASTERY is now the seat of the Rome Police First District
The CHURCH was saved in the sixties from being transformed into a the gym after a strong media campaign and now is home to conferences, conventions, exhibitions and concerts
It is owned by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities
G.B. Gaulli aka Baciccio (1639/1709) with Paolo Albertoni (1670/after about 1695) and Girolamo Troppa (1630/after 1710) who also did the frescoes in the presbytery
Sculptures by Leonardo Retti (active 1670/1709)

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