Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Via Aurelia Antica 12

About 1739 from a project by Alessandro Galilei (1691/1737) for the Cardinal Ferroni

In 1792 it was bought by the Duke Giovanni Torlonia
Later it belonged to the Valentini family and to the Giraud family

In 1849 it suffered serious damage during the siege of Rome by French troops

In 1854 it was bought by Filippo Andrea V Doria Pamphili who had it restored by Andrea Busiri Vici (1818/1911)

In 1863 it was bought by Bettino Ricasoli (1809/80), the mayor of Florence, and the second Prime Minister of Italian history in chronological order after Cavour
Bettino Ricasoli was also the inventor of the formula for the vinification of the Chianti wine: the product specification drawn up by him is still followed today with few changes

In 1907 the villa was bought by the Russian prince Lazarew Abamelek who had it restored by Vincenzo Monaldi and expanded to a total area of about 27 hectares (67 acres)
In 1914 prince Abamelek left it to the Academy of Russia in Rome and now it is the residence of the Russian ambassador

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