Saturday, April 12, 2014


1872/78 Ercole Rosa (1846/94)
The monument was dedicated in 1883. The sculptor Ercole Rosa from the Marche region began this work when he was only 21 years old. He was later also the sculptor of the statue of Victor Emmanuel II in Piazza Duomo in Milan
The patriots brothers Enrico and Giovanni Cairoli fought in the campaign for the liberation of Rome in 1667 with other 76 volunteers
The campaign resulted in the defeat at Villa Glori when the 25-year-old Enrico Cairoli died fighting against the Swiss and German police of the pope. Giovanni Cairoli, who was two years younger than his brother, died in 1669 for the serious injuries suffered in the fight
"The modernity of some solutions embraced by Rosa, as the presence of the gun and the precise description of clothing, humble and true, the absence of any idealization in favor of a dramatic tone, show the sculptor's effort to portray the horror of the battle" (Institute of History of the Risorgimento in Rome)

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