Friday, June 10, 2016

COLONNA PALACE (first part)


About 1420/25 for Martin V Colonna (1417/31) the first pope to return permanently to Rome after the exile in Avignon
The palace was the papal seat from 1420 until 1431
It was built over a preexisting castle of the counts Tuscolani dating back to before the year 1000, in turn built on the ruins of the TEMPLE OF SERAPIS, the largest temple in Rome with the Temple of Venus and Rome
Expanded with the GALLERIA COLONNA from about 1650 by Antonio Del Grande (about 1625/79) and then after 1671 by Girolamo Fontana (1668/1701) (nephew of Carlo Fontana)
Partly rebuilt in 1730 by Nicola Michetti (about 1675/1758) who designed the FAÇADES ON PIAZZA Ss. APOSTOLI and PIAZZA IV NOVEMBRE and by Paolo Posi (1708/76) who designed the BACK OF THE PALACE with the BRIDGES that join it with Villa Colonna
Changes to the façade on Via IV Novembre 1879 by Andrea Busiri Vici (1818/1911)
It has belonged to the Colonna family for twenty-three generations
Small Wax Museum with, on the second floor, ROOM WITH OCTAGONAL VAULT and fresco “Fable of Cupid and Psyche” by Antonio Mancini (1852/1930)

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