Tuesday, July 11, 2017


1660/78 Mattia De Rossi (1637/95) for the Muti Papazzurri family that was not related with the Muti family, having taken their name for an ancient member of the family that was dumb (in Italian muto)
It was originally connected to the other Palazzo Papazzurri Muti (later Palazzo Balestra) with an arch that was destroyed but gave the name anyway to Via dell'Archetto (street of the arch)
An arch built in 1948 connects the palace to the former Franciscan convent
It is now owned by the Bruschi family
Frescoes and tempera on mythological subjects and landscapes second half of 1600s by Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (1606/80) from Bologna and Giacinto Calandrucci (1646/1707) from Palermo, a student of Carlo Maratta
BIBLIOTECA DEL PONTIFICIO ISTITUTO BIBLICO (Library of the Pontifical Biblical Institute)
There are about 135,000 volumes about the Sacred Scripture and the Ancient Near East

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