Monday, April 9, 2018


1941 Tullio Rossi (1903/97)
“Tullio Rossi, who began his work in the study of Clemente Busiri Vici, was busy with renovations and interior design, designed villas, palaces and signed projects of more than forty churches, all in the City of Rome, largely characterized by simple architecture, but with originality of expression and classical ideas: facades with slanted sides, splayed portals, and interiors with trussed roofs and aisles lit by large windows. In 1946, in Florence, he rebuilt the area around Ponte Vecchio and designed, along with American architects, the American Military Cemetery” (Antonio Rossilli)
It took the name of the previous small church, which still stands a few meters further out from Rome (Via Cassia 735), built in the years 1690/95 for Cardinal Antonio Maria Pignatelli who became pope under the name of Innocent XII Pignatelli (1691/1700)
The original church of S. Andrew the Apostle then assumed the name of CHAPEL OF THE INSTITUTE MOST HOLY VIRGIN OF THE URSULINE SISTERS OF GANDINO
The area, which now takes its name from the so-called Tomb of Nero, was part of the villa of the Pignatelli family

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