Monday, January 14, 2019


1942 Tullio Rossi (1903/97) with the architect Federico Fornari for Pius XII Pacelli (1939/58)
Triptych “St. Emerentiana in glory” 1944 by Olga Biancitti

Impressive mosaic “Triumph of the Church in the World” 1968 by the Capuchin Father Silvio Alessandri aka Ugolino da Belluno (1919/2002)
The mosaic covers an area of 523 m² (5,630 square feet) more than twice that of the Last Judgment by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel (about 200 m²)
About 12 tons of material (13.2 tons) were used for the mosaic
Among the characters represented in the adoring crowd there are also Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King both in the left group
“The immense Cross serving as a backdrop for the whole composition, through the multidimensional plans, stands for the cosmic mystery of redemption. Even inanimate nature, fallen under the curse of sin, has participated of the fruits of the Passion and Death of Christ (animals and the stars, arranged with abstract rhythm, around the clypeus surrounding the cross at the top, effectively represent the totality of the non-human world). The fruits of redemption, Grace and Truth are poured out like Pentecostal Fire across humanity that received the word of Christ through the Holy Scriptures symbolized by the four Evangelists at the foot of the Risen Christ. God's people, made up of persons of every race and condition, is cemented by the grace of baptism in a profound unity, and this is all arranged on the same level. But in the Church there is a variety of grades and functions. Hierarchy has, according to the will of Jesus, the task of leading the people of God and of authentically interpreting the revealed word: it is therefore at the center, as the hub of the visible unity of the Church, and closes the vertical line going from the Father and the Holy Spirit through the Word made flesh, testified to us by the four Evangelists” (Don Eutizio Fanano - Web Site of Santa Emerenziana - )

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