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It is privately owned and it includes in 3,000 m² (33,000 square feet) 144 coaches from various countries of the world from the eighteenth century to the present day, all collected in forty years of research by the owner Romolo Apolloni

All coaches have been restored and are still in working condition

Among the types of carriages are landau, convertible, sedans, coupes, omnibuses (there is one with fifteen seats), chariots, stagecoaches, working wagons and Sicilian carts

Other 149 coaches are kept in an adjacent room

In the museum there are also paintings, models of carriages, porcelain, armor, helmets, antique weapons, antique toys and farm equipment

The exhibit includes also a set of harness for horses

Among the main pieces:

Sedan belonged to Princess Sissi of Austria
The Irish chariot used by John Wayne in the movie “The Quiet Man”
Some Roman wagons painted in 1800s
Coach of the 1939 John Ford movie “Stagecoach”
Napoleonic cart with cannon from the movie “Baron Munchausen”
Landau belonged to the bishop Karol Wojtyla later to become Pope John Paul II. He used it to go skiing in Zagopane in Poland
Small cart of the Italian actress Anna Magnani
Chariot used in the movie “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe

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