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Formerly FACTORY OF PERONI BEER with an attached ice factory built in the years 1908/22 by Gustavo Giovannoni (1873/1947) and Alfredo Palopoli

It is one of the few examples of Roman industrial architecture of the beginning of 1900s, in activity until 1971

“Gustavo Giovannoni was able to achieve a difficult volumetric and linguistic balance between the architecture of the surrounding residential building and the industrial buildings that, it should not be forgotten, didn't have yet, at that time, well-defined and expressive typological characteristics” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

It was built on three blocks of the area of Villa Capizucchi:

FIRST BLOCK (Via Mantova, off Via Bergamo)
There is now a shopping center and private offices

SECOND BLOCK (Via Mantova, off Via Alessandria)
There are now offices and a parking lot

THIRD BLOCK (Via Nizza, Via Cagliari, Via Reggio Emilia)
It was renovated in 1999 by Antonio Simbolotti, Mauro Panunti and Francesco Stefanori and enlarged by the prestigious French architect Odile Decq (1955) to turn it into the main building of MACRO, an acronym for MUSEO DI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA DEL COMUNE DI ROMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the City of Rome

Works were completed in 2010 and the exhibition area is now 4,350 square meters (47,000 square feet)
The museum also includes a large terrace of 2,500 square meters (27,000 square feet)

The works of art in MACRO are cyclically exhibited according to themes that make it a vital and unique museum

The secondary branch, MACRO FUTURE, is in the former slaughterhouse in the Testaccio district

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