Tuesday, November 8, 2016


1885/87 Ettore Bernich (1845 or 1848/1914) as the site of an aquarium that was to be used to breed fish to provide the area with a new source of food
Paintings “Classical and mythological themes” by Silvestro Silvestri from Spoleto
“Thanks to his culture also in the field of archeology, Silvestri can take advantage of a figurative repertoire that allows him to shape his free inventions, pleasing scenes, absolutely in tune with the place and its recreational function, in which figures of asexual children, cupids, or also fauns, nymphs or maenads mischievously play, chase each other, interpreters of moments that seem naive romance as well as bawdy wink” (Official website of the City of Rome - www.comune.roma.it)
The original vault was painted by Giuseppe Toeschi with paintings now almost completely disappeared
The activities in the building were very limited and it ended up having several functions: theater, cinema, warehouse for the opera theater, bus station
It has been recently restored and it is used as the seat of the CASA DELL’ARCHITETTURA (House of Architecture) a cultural institution established in 2002 with the task of promoting the culture of Roman architecture and contemporary architecture in general by organizing exhibitions, conferences and shows

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