Wednesday, December 14, 2016


1835/37 Giuseppe Valadier (1762/1839) for Gregory XVI Cappellari (1831/46)
It is the seat of the ISTITUTO NAZIONALE PER LA GRAFICA (National Institute for Graphics)
There are exhibition halls, a reading room and offices
The Cabinet of Prints is located in the adjacent Palazzo Poli also home of the institution
About 23,500 drawings and 110,000 prints from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century and 2,000 copper plates including some engraved by G.B. Piranesi and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
In addition, drawings and prints from the National Chalcography: about 1,600 drawings e 28,000 prints
Also on display are tools for cutting, machinery and ancient presses
The printing activity is still active, albeit not continuously
The institute also has a photographic documentary archive and a historical photo library with works by the most important artists in the history of nineteenth-century Italian photography

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