Friday, June 2, 2017


Eighth Room - Mythological Cycles
“Torso of Minotaur” from Via S. Tommaso in Parione
“Group of Achilles and Penthesilea” second century AD from Settebagni from a Hellenistic original of about 170/160 BC
“Manly torso with chlamys” representing Odysseus stealing the Palladium maybe from a Hellenistic bronze original of 197 BC by Nicerato. It was found in Via Margutta
“Mutilated statue of teacher of the children of Niobe” early second century AD from a group of Niobids
“Actor disguised as Papposilenus” second century AD from Torre Astura
“Double herm of Dionysus” of the Hadrian period from Via Sallustiana
Tenth Room - Ships of Caligula (37/41) in Nemi
“Protomes” including one with the head of Medusa
Eleventh Room- Historic Celebrations
“Headless statue with breastplate”
“Relief of the victory of Actium”
“Relief of Terracina”
Twelfth Room - Sarcophagus of Portonaccio
Incredibly epic and detailed “Sarcophagus of Portonaccio” with battle between Romans and barbarians
On the lid “Four scenes from the life of the deceased”
On the sides “Barbarians ask for mercy and crossing of a bridge of boats by Roman soldiers with barbarian prisoners” 180 maybe of Aulus Julius Pompilius one of the generals of Marcus Aurelius
“Strong is undoubtedly the parallelism with the reliefs of the Column of Marcus Aurelius: in fact this sarcophagus shares with the column the expressiveness of the characters represented at the limits of the disintegration of form, according to a design concept, due to the exasperated use of the drill, which would fully affirm itself in the third century” (Elena Calandra)

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