Thursday, February 8, 2018


1949/52 urban project: Mario De Renzi (1897/1967) and Saverio Muratori (1910/73). 440 lodgings
Projects of the buildings: Saverio Muratori, Mario De Renzi, Mario Paniconi (1904/73), Giulio Pediconi (1906/99) and Fernando Puccioni
TORRI STELLARI (star-shaped towers) by Mario De Renzi
The area consists of almost 5 hectares (12.3 acres) with 440 lodgings for about 3,000 inhabitants and it was the first of the Piani-Casa (plans for homes) designed to give a home to the new Roman working class
The original town plan was not completed
“In the Valco San Paolo neighborhood it is clear how both the whole and the parts have a clear stylistic unity through careful control of the ways of dealing with the different types of buildings, but there is also space for a series of small service facilities for the neighborhood and for elements of urban design” (Mario Carotti -
“The limitation of this approach, very common in the interventions made ​​in those years, is to consider the neighborhood as a closed element, and then to solve within itself the aspects of architectural and urban planning. The balance of these values gets in fact to be completely changed when the neighborhood, often built in the outer fringe of the urban expansion, is absorbed by the town. The Valco S. Paolo is in fact today barely recognizable near the crammed constructions of Viale Marconi and the relationships between the elements, which were the basis of the project, appears to be irretrievably altered” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)

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