Tuesday, December 24, 2019


 Via di S. Paolo della Croce 10

Maybe it dates back to the tenth century
Mentioned in the sources for the first time in 1209

Former Benedictine abbey donated by Pope Innocent III dei Conti di Segni (1198/1216) to the Trinitarian Fathers of St. John De Matha

The French St. Jean De Matha (1154/1213) had here the headquarters of the Fathers, and adapted part of the monastery as a hospital to assist the poor, the sick, the pilgrims and the slaves who had been rescued, according to the purposes of the order

The building was raised at the end of 1500s
Restored in 1663 and 1787

So named for the nearby Aqueduct of Claudius (Forma Claudia in Latin), which, in fact, in this section is an extension of Nero’s Aqueduct

Above the door of the TRINITARIANS’ HOSPITAL interesting Cosmatesque mosaic “Jesus freeing two slaves, a white one and a black one” 1218
It alludes to the mission of Trinitarian Fathers, expressing a concept of equality among races, being in this well ahead of its time
To the left “Virgin Mary, St. Boniface Martyr and St. Francis of Assisi with Pope Boniface IX (1389/1404)” by Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta (1521/80)

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