Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Great wall of opus reticulatum (reticulated work) dating to the first century BC
It was a substructure of the HORTI ACILIORUM property of the gens Anicia included in the third century AD in the Aurelian Walls
It was also called Muro Malo (Bad Wall) because nearby were the burials of the dead unrepentant, the executed and the ones involved in dishonorable trades such as low-class prostitutes or actors
"In 1825 Leonida Montanari and Angelo Targhini were buried here. They were affiliated to the Carbonari (a secret revolutionary society) and were beheaded by the papal guillotine in Piazza del Popolo. It was said that every night their two ghosts would walk on the wall with the heads in their hands, compensating the passers-by who wouldn't fear their appearance, with the numbers to play in the lottery" (Domenico Augenti - www.portalidiroma.net)

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