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About twelfth century. Formerly known as S. Salvatore de Ossibus (St. Saviour of the Bones) with reference to the bones of the nearby cemetery of pilgrims or as S. Salvatore in Terrione with reference to the nearby Turrionis Gate of the Leonine Wall, later known as Porta Cavalleggeri (Cavalry Gate) and then demolished with a section of the walls in 1904

It is now also known as S. PIETRO AL BORGO (St. Peter in the Borgo District)

To the oratory it was annexed the Schola Francorum, the hostel for French pilgrims coming to Rome

It was restored under Nicholas V Parentucelli (1447/55)

It was reopened in 1923

It is part of the State of Vatican City and it is not open to the public

Frescoes and painting on wood of the fifteenth century “Virgin Mary and Child with Saints” signed by an unidentified Maestro Francesco

On March 1, 1944, a plane most likely affiliated to the Fascist Republic of Salò was going to bomb the Vatican Radio which used to broadcast news to the Anglo-American military

The plane lost control, dropped bombs near Porta Cavalleggeri and fell in Via del Gelsomino, killing the pilot and an elderly woman

It came as a surprise that the glass that protected the image of the Virgin Mary of the Oratory of S. Peter remained intact although many chips had hit the wall around, and almost all the windows of the Palazzo del S. Uffizio had been shattered

It was believed to be a miracle and in 1950 an artistically sculpted “Frame with angels equipped with shields” by the artist Silvio Silva (1890/1955) was built around the ancient shrine image

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