Monday, December 28, 2015


1644 maybe Mattia De Rossi (1637/95) for the Marquis G.B. Muti Papazzurri
It was known as Palazzo Muti-Papazzurri until it was acquired in the nineteenth century by the Balestra family
Now it is property of the insurance company RAS
The Stuart family lived there from 1718 to 1807, including the pretender to the throne of England James III Stuart (1688/1766)
Here the last representative of the family died in 1807, the Cardinal Henry Stuart duke of York, son of James III, the fourth and final “Jacobite” (i.e. the Catholic line of the Stuart family) pretender to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland
He would have been called Henry IX
The Stuart family reigned over Scotland from 1371 to 1707 and over England, Scotland and Ireland from 1603 to 1707

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