Thursday, January 7, 2016


Room V - Antoniazzo and Lorenzo. The Thousand Faces of the Roman School

Vault: “Ship of the Argonauts with Jason showing the Golden Fleece from Colchis” by Giuseppe Passeri (1654/1714)
“In this painting, which comes from the church of S. Maria Maggiore in Cerveteri, Federico Zeri, noting the hand of a coworker in the figure of St. Michael, of lesser quality, believed that the cross above the inscription 'Laurentius Jacobi da Viterbo 1472' would indicate that the painter's death had occurred. This remains a key work to reconstruct the figure of the painter who looks to Piero della Francesca and Melozzo as well as Ferrara paintings and Mantegna, showing the variety of influences present in Lazio painting of the fifteenth century” (Lorenza Mochi Onori)
“Antoniazzo, still tied to tradition, was at the forefront - along with Tuscans, Umbrians, Venetians and Flemish - in combining sacred images, landscapes and portraits. He was the head of a busy workshop active in every field of artistic production: icons, images for private devotion, ceremonial apparatuses; narrative fresco cycles and altarpieces” (Official website of the Barberini Gallery -

“Madonna and Child with Sts. Paul and Francis of Assisi” about 1487 by Antonio Aquili aka Antoniazzo Romano (about 1435-40/1508)
“The conventionality of the iconography is, however, animated by the elegant architectural solution of the pink throne defined by pilasters over which there is a rich antiquarian decoration. (...) These decorative ornamentations recall the works by Andrea Bregno and his workshop in the Roman funerary monuments of the seventh and eighth decade of the fifteenth century. (...). The cartoon of the Virgin and Child would be copied in the panel with the Madonna and Sts. Francis and Anthony of Padua today at S. Antonio dei Portoghesi” (Anna Cavallaro)

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