Friday, February 3, 2017


1880/83 Pio Piacentini (1846/1928)
Statues on the FAÇADE by Bertoli, Trabacchi, Biggi, Concetti, Galletti e Fallani
Restoration 1987/90 by Costantino Dardi (1936/91)
After five years of restoration the building reopened in 2007 with more than 10,000 m² (2.5 acres) divided into THREE FLOORS used for temporary exhibitions
It also features a 139-seats CINEMA HALL, an AUDITORIUM (multimedia room for 90 people) and a FORUM (multipurpose room), as well as a café, a restaurant and a bookshop
During the construction a votive deposit was found of which the “Vase of Duènos” was part. It has an inscription in Latin of the early sixth century BC one of the oldest ever found. It is now in the Museum of Berlin
Maybe it was kept in the TEMPLE OF FORTUNA located on the Vicus Longus (in part corresponding to Via Nazionale). According to tradition it had been founded by Servius Tullius
Nearby there was the SACELLUM OF PLEBEIAN PUDICITIA founded by a certain Virginia in 296 BC, a counterpart to that of the Patrician Pudicitia in the Foro Boario

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