Tuesday, February 28, 2017


1586 for Bishop Bartolomeo Ferratini
In 1626 Urban VIII Barberini (1623/44) seconded the request of Bishop Juan Baptista Vives, one of the subsequent owners, and assigned it to the CONGREGAZIONE DI PROPOGANDA FIDE (Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith), powerful propaganda tool of the Church which was established in 1622 by Gregory XV Ludovisi (1621/23)
The congregation moved into the palace in 1633
WING ON VIA DUE MACELLI 1639/45 by Gaspare De Vecchi (active 1628/1643) for Cardinal Antonio Barberini
FAÇADE ON PIAZZA DI SPAGNA 1644 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598/1680)
Extraordinary FAÇADE ON VIA DI PROPAGANDA and FAÇADE ON VIA CAPO LE CASE 1646 by Francesco Borromini (1599/1667)
“As in the Oratory of the Filippini the façade, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the internal church, is at the same time the front of the church and of the palace. Borromini continues here his studies about making the most of the available space, taking into account the urban location of his building: the narrow Via di Propaganda Fide gives a dramatic tone to the strong plasticity of the façade” (Carlo Bertelli, Giuliano Briganti, Antonio Giuliano)
“The overwhelming weight of this façade produces an almost nightmarish effect. Everything here is outside the norm. The movement of the window frames is not dictated simply by a desire for picturesque variety, but it is set up as a fugue, with the subject, response and variations. By these means Borromini created a surprising and alarming palace façade that has no precedent or followers” (Rudolf Wittkower)
Since 1967, the congregation took the name of CONGREGATION FOR THE EVANGELIZATION OF PEOPLES
In this palace all the missionary activity of the Catholic Church is organized
In the historical center of Rome there are large and expensive real estate belonging to the Vatican which refer to both the congregation and the APSA, the heritage of the Apostolic See. Added to this are the numerous extraterritorial buildings that are part of the Vatican City State
In 2010, Cardinal Sepe, prefect of the congregation from 2001 to 2006, was entered in the register of suspects by prosecutors in Perugia, with the former Transport Minister Pietro Lunardi, for inconsistencies regarding maintenance of the façade of the Palace of Propaganda Fide. Investigations are still ongoing

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