Tuesday, September 8, 2020



Via di Villa Chigi/Piazza Vescovio

1763/65 Tommaso Bianchi first and Pietro Camporese il Vecchio (1726/81) later for Cardinal Flavio Chigi, who bought land on the Monte delle Gioie (Mount of Joys)

1765/1769 valuable and well-preserved decoration of the interior by Filippo Cataldi and Gioacchino Paver, with frescoes of views by Francesco Nubale and Giacomo Rubini

Since the late seventies onwards, the City of Rome has expropriated the park. The building of Villa Chigi and the adjoining Italian garden remained privately owned, separated from the public part of the park by a fence

The main building has been entrusted by the owners on loan to Mondo X, a charitable institution assisting former drug addicts

The park of about 5 hectares (12.3 acres) was renovated in 2003 by the municipality according to the original planning of the spaces devised in 1776


Dedicated to the Virgin Mary with frescoes by Antonio Bicchierai (1688/1766)

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