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Via di S. Pancrazio 8 – Almost completely destroyed

So called for the bizarre shape but its real name since 1749 was Villa Giraud

1663/65 Plautilla Bricci (1616/about 1701) and his brother Basilio Bricci (1621/92) for Elpidio Benedetti

Probable advice of Pietro Berrettini aka Pietro da Cortona (1597/1669) for the destroyed semicircular loggia and Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598/1680) for the "Cliff" still partly visible towards Porta S. Pancrazio

There were distorting mirrors and water gimmicks even inside the rooms, creating an extravagant and visionary masterpiece

Inside there were paintings now lost by Pietro Da Cortona, Tommaso Laureti and Plautilla Bricci herself

The villa was almost completely destroyed on June 1849 when it ended up being the stronghold of the extreme defense of the, by then extinguished, Roman Republic

It was here that Goffredo Mameli was mortally wounded

36,000 French soldiers with 75 guns besieged Rome defended by 19,000 volunteer fighters partisans of which 938 were killed

What remained of the house was bought by the Doria Pamphili family

Now, along with the adjoining VILLA DEL BEL RESPIRO (Villa of the Nice Breath), it is the seat of the Italian Freemasonry

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