Monday, March 31, 2014


1895 Emilio Gallori (1846/1924) who also completed Chiaradia's statue of Victor Emmanuel II on the Victor Emmanuel Monument
It is 22 m (72 feet) high. Gallori began working for the monument in 1886, two years after winning the competition

To make room for the monument in 1895 the CASINO CORSINI (Corsini Mansion) was destroyed, an old building curiously renovated with a neo-medieval appearance and turned into a lookout spot by the Roman section of the Alpine Club 
The posture of Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807/82) has a clear gesture of resentment towards the Vatican he hated so much
On the pedestal FOUR BRONZE GROUPS:
On the right "America"
On the left "Europe"
On the left end side of the base there is a "Bronze Crown", a remainder that Garibaldi was the Master Mason of Italian Freemasonry. The crown was removed during the fascist period and replaced with fascist symbols. A new one was restored after the war

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