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Trapezoidal hill at the confluence of the River Tiber with the Aniene. There stood the small town of ANTEMNAE linked to the origins of Rome for the rape of the Sabines, because some of the Sabine women were actually from this city that was part of the Sabine reign of Titus Tatius
Varro wrote that Antemnae was so called because it was located ante amnem qui influit in Tiberim, in front of the river that flows into the Tiber
Dionysius of Halicarnassus wrote that it was one of the oldest cities in the Latium region, founded by the Siculi (Sicilians) and, a century later, occupied by the Pelasgians
Virgil gave her the epithet of turrigerae (towered) for its fortifications and mentioned it among the five cities who took up arms against Aeneas when the hero came in Latium after his escape from Troy
In the area bordered no less than three different peoples: the ETRUSCANS, on the north-west of the Tiber, the LATINS and the SABINES, on the south-east, divided among themselves by the River Aniene
According to tradition it was conquered by Romulus and maybe it was one of the city that helped the Tarquins in their attempt to return to Rome
During the work in 1878 for the construction of FORTE ANTENNE came to light votive elements related to a place of worship of the seventh century BC, remains of walls dating from the late sixth and early fifth century BC, housing foundations in blocks of tufa, water works and rooms of a villa from the Republican period

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