Friday, March 28, 2014


1974 stela "The idea, the death" by Jorio Vivarelli (1922/2008) commissioned by the Italian Social Democratic Party
It was built on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the socialist deputy who was kidnapped in this spot by members of the fascist police. He had opposed Mussolini in the Parliament
"Vivarelli wanted to represent the dialectical passage from death to life. Death is at the base of the monument, from bone-like shapes as elongated bones that have polished kneecaps at both ends 'physical soaking in a tragic moment in Italian history' as defined by Vivarelli himself. Life is represented by the great chalice from which emerges the bud which, from the trunk, will give rise to a new plant ready to soar high in the sky, a message that reproduces artistically Matteotti's phrase 'You kill me, but the idea that is in me will never die'" (Web Site of the Foundation Jorio Vivarelli -

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