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Stufetta e Loggetta del Card. Bibbiena

Only two rooms left of the apartment built on the third floor of the Vatican Palace for the secretary of Leo X Medici (1513/21), Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi aka Bibbiena

Decoration of the school of Raphael in 1516 influenced by the decorations of the Domus Aurea

STUFETTA (Room of the Stove)

Small caldarium (heater) of 2.5 m (8.2 feet) per side with hollow space in the walls for the steam
Paintings “Cupids in chariots” below and “Myth of Venus” at the top

On the vault “Ornamental and mythological scenes” alluding to the power of Love rather inappropriate for the bathroom of a cardinal

LOGGETTA (Small Loggia)

Corridor of 16 m (52.5 feet) with decorations “Myth of Apollo and Marsyas” and grotesque in compendiario Roman style (stylized style)

Cardinal Bibbiena was a powerful prelate, tied to the Medici family and especially to the Medici Pope Leo X who entrusted him with important diplomatic missions in France

He wished that Raphael, who had portrayed him in a famous painting now in the Galleria Palatina in Florence, had married his niece Maria Bibbiena, and, as reported by Vasari, he haunted him to give him her as wife
In the Pantheon next to Raphael's tomb there is a memorial plaque to Maria Bibbiena with the words To Maria Bibbiena wife of him, who, with her death, prevented the happy wedding and before it was taken still maiden
The body of Mary, however, is not in the Pantheon, and from Raphael's letters one can infer that the great artist wasn't even thinking about getting married

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