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1582/84 founded by the Congregazione di S. Giovanni di Dio (Congregation of St. John of God)
Its members used to say “You do well brothers!” when begging

The congregation was founded by the Portuguese Juan Ciudad (1495/1550) who became a saint by the name of John of God

After a dissolute and wandering existence, he was converted and founded the Order of Brothers Hospitallers. He dedicated his life to the care of the sick with a modern vision of hospital care and hospitality

Patients were accepted on the basis of disease and every one of them was treated and assisted with an individual attention absolutely new for that time

St. John of God is therefore regarded as the inventor of the modern idea of a hospital

Beginning of 1700 expanded by Romano Carapecchia (1668/1738)

1867 rebuilt by Francesco Azzurri (1831/1901)

1930/34 completely renovated by Cesare Bazzani (1873/1939)

It occupies more than half of the Tiber Island continuing the functions of the place, formerly sacred to the god of medicine Aesculapius

In the eleventh century it was occupied by a shelter-shrine for sick dedicated to St. Bartholomew and managed by a community of Benedictine Sisters

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