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1927/29 Emanuele Caniggia (1891/1986)

Formerly Ospedale del Littorio (Hospital of Fascism), under fascism, Ospedale Ernesto Nathan (Hospital Ernesto Nathan, mayor of Rome), at the end of World War II and finally, in 1945, S. Camillo De Lellis Hospital in memory of S. Camillo De Lellis (1550/1614)

He is the patron of the Military Health and founder of the religious order dedicated to assistance to the sick

The body of S. Camillo De Lellis is buried in the church of S. Mary Magdalene

It was the first hospital in Rome to have a resuscitation in 1962

The hospital comprises two sub-hospitals: S. CAMILLO where almost all diseases are treated and FORLANINI engaged primarily in pulmonary, respiratory diseases

The complex covers an area of some 40 hectares (99 acres) in a large park with old trees
Until 1996, also the LAZZARO SPALLANZANI was part of the hospital, specializing in infectious diseases, but it was later sub-divided and became the autonomous INSTITUTE OF HOSPITAL CARE OF SCIENTIFIC NATURE (IRCCS)

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