Thursday, March 10, 2016


Other Works in the Museum Storage

“St. Sebastian between Onorato II and Pietro Bernardino Caetani d'Aragona” about 1481 by Antonio Aquili aka Antoniozzo Romano (about 1435-40/1508)
“This painting on board is revealing of the versatility of Antoniazzo in different areas of his artistic production (...): a versatility that is expressed in the production of frescoes as well as in the paintings for private devotion or in the sceneries for religious events, always accommodating the needs of his clients, using an entrepreneurship approach which is probably the main reason for the difficulty of rebuilding the catalog of the artist. (...) The painting in Palazzo Barberini synthesizes, for example, his familiarity with the tradition of icons and his knowledge of classical art, evident in the vivid representation of St. Sebastian, and at the same time suggests the skills of the painter for portraits and landscape compositions. (...) The setting is similar to the plain of Fondi and the mountain in the background was recently recognized as being Monte Sant'Angelo near Terracina” (Daniele Ferrara)
“Juno and Argus” by the so-called Maestro della Betulla (Master of the Birch) (active 1630/40)
“Allegory of Peace” maybe by Simon Vouet (1590/1649)
“Sacrifice of Isaac” about 1625 by Orazio Riminaldi (1593/1630)
“Rest on the Flight into Egypt” about 1640 by Angelo Caroselli (1585/1652)
“The Flight into Egypt” about 1625 by Andrea Ansaldo (1584/1638)
“Judith and Holofernes” about 1636 by the Florentine Francesco Furini (1603/46)
“Influenced by Guido Reni, he produced paintings of soft sensuality. The tones of flesh made with ultramarine blue and shaded to give his pictures a sweet taste, soft, but no one can deny that he had a special gift to play the melodic line of the body women, thus revealing its attachment to the Mannerist tradition” (Rudolf Wittkower)
“Still Life with Tuberous Root” maybe by Luca Forte (about 1600/70)
“Cain and Abel” by Pietro Novelli aka Monrealese (1603/47)
“Samson and Delilah” by the Dutchman Matthias Stom (about 1600/50)
“The doughnut maker” 1630 by the so-called Bamboccio (Puppet) Pieter Van Laer (about 1595/1642)
“Country scene” and “Figures in a tree lined road” about 1640/50 landscapes by Angeluccio (fl. 1640/50) and figures by Michelangelo Cerquozzi (1602/60)
Four gouache on paper for Cardinal Francesco Barberini's tapestries now at the Philadelphia Museum of Art:
“Constantine destroying idols”, “Naval Battle of Crispus against Abate”, “Constantine kills the lion” and “Constantine burns the Decretals” about 1631 by Pietro Berrettini aka Pietro da Cortona (1597/1669)

“The massacre of Niobe” 1638/39 and “The Hunt of Diana” 1638/39 by Andrea Camassei (1602/49)

Four anamorphosis: “Portrait of Louis XIII”, “St. Francis of Paola”, “Scene of Marriage” and “Louis XIII before the crucifix” about 1635 by Jean Fran├žois Niceron (1613/46)

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