Friday, May 6, 2016


1449/51 for Cardinal Domenico Capranica who incorporated existing buildings and the Chapel of St. Agnes
Along with Palazzo Venezia it is the first Roman Renaissance palace
Restored in about 1660 by Giovanni Antonio De Rossi (1616/95)
The SECOND FLOOR was built at the beginning of the eighteenth century
Restructured in 1955 by Giuseppe Breccia Fratadocchi (1898/1955) for Pius XII Pacelli (1939/58). It was the architect was also rebuilt the Abbey of Monte Cassino
Chapel of St. Agnes
1775, rebuilt in 1955 by Giuseppe Breccia Fratadocchi
Panel “Madonna and Child with two saints and the Capranica cardinals” 1451 Antonio Aquili aka Antoniazzo Romano (about 1435-40/1508) and workshop
In the sacristy there is the Cappellina della Madonna (Small Chapel of the Virgin Mary) and the detached fresco “Madonna and Child” by Antonio Aquili aka Antoniazzo Romano and workshop
Almo Collegio Capranica
It plays a primary role in the education of the clergy and two of his former students have become popes: Benedict XV Della Chiesa (1914/22) and Pius XII Pacelli (1939/58)
The title of almo (which gives life) reminds of those teachers and students of the college who sacrificed their life near Porta S. Spirito to defend the pope during the sack of Rome in 1527
On the ground floor there is the CINEMA CAPRANICA one of the oldest auditoriums in Rome

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