Tuesday, May 10, 2016


1516 for Jacopo Cardelli who unified pre-existing buildings
It was the Domus Magna of the family who also owned the nearby Palazzo di Firenze as the ceremonial Palatium
1592 FAÇADE by Francesco Capriani aka Francesco da Volterra (1535/94)
The palace was completed in 1602 by Gaspare Guerra (about 1560/1622)
Further work 1630/39 by Francesco Peparelli (active since 1626/d. 1641)
In the second half of the nineteenth century the building was extended towards Via del Clementino keeping the original style
It was raised with a third floor in 1925
It is still inhabited by the counts Cardelli, a family who settled in Rome in early fifteen century from the Romagna region
In 1538 the children of Jacopo Cardelli bought the space of the square in front of the building to keep the space free from buildings
Inside there are paintings in the splays of the windows maybe by Francesco Allegrini (1587/1663)
One of the few remaining in Rome
Stucco sculpture “Apollo” by the pupil of Bernini Pietro Paolo Naldini (1619/91)

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