Sunday, October 23, 2016

QUIRINAL PALACE (fourth part)

Room of the Flood or Carracci’s Room
Designed by Carlo Maderno
Vault painted in the mid-nineteenth century by Annibale Angelini (1812/84) and Alessandro Mantovani
Frieze “Stories of the Old Testament” in 1616 by Antonio Carracci (about 1589/1618), son of Annibale Carracci and by an anonymous follower of Caravaggio who also worked on the central fresco in the vault “Angels upholding the papal coat of arms”
“Bust of Commodus (180/192)” beginning of the third century AD
“Four Chinese porcelain vases” of the Kang-Hsi Dynasty (1662/1722)
Room of the Loggias
Incredible vault with false loggias 1861 by Annibale Angelini (1812/84)
Frieze and a central decoration of the vault 1616 by Bernardo Castello (about 1557/1629)
Painting “St. John the Baptist accompanied by the angel”
Room of the Bussolanti (Porters of the Pope)
Designed by Carlo Maderno
Frieze and vault by Bernardo Castello
“Stories of St. Benedict” in the frieze 1851 by Alessandro Mantovani
Room of the Balcony
Vault in stucco 1616 maybe by an unknown artist of the school of Martino Ferrabosco
“Departure of David” and “Triumph of David” maybe by Pietro Berrettini aka Pietro da Cortona (1597/1669)
Small Lounge of St. John
Vault 1616 with paintings added in the nineteenth century by Annibale Angelini (1812/84)
“St. John the Baptist” copy from Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) (1483/1520) maybe by Giulio Pippi aka Giulio Romano (1499/1546)

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