Monday, October 17, 2016

QUIRINAL PALACE (third part)

Pauline Chapel

1617 Carlo Maderno
Same size as the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
Vault gilded in stucco with rosettes all different from each other built in 1616 by Martino Ferrabosco (active in Rome from 1606/d. 1623)
The vault should have been painted by Agostino Tassi (1578/1644) and the wall behind the altar by Andrea Commodi, the first master of Pietro da Cortona, but the project was not carried out
Monochrome frescoes on the walls “Apostles and Evangelists” 1818 by eleven painters including Tommaso Minardi (1787/1871) and Agostino Tofanelli under the direction of Raffaele Stern (1774/1820)
Four conclaves (elections of popes) took place here in the nineteenth century including the one that elected Pius IX Mastai Ferretti (1846/78)
Room of the seasons
In the vault “Seasons” and at the center “Allegory of Time” 1905 by Alessandro Palombi (active since the end of the XIX/beginning of the XX century) and Ernesto Ballarini (1845/1922)
“Bust of Gallienus (253/268)” third century AD
First Ceremonial Room
Designed by Carlo Maderno
Frieze “Stories of St. Paul” in 1616 by Agostino Tassi (1578/1644)
In the vault “The fruits of peace” 1906 by Alessandro Palombi and Ernesto Ballarini
Canvas “Chastity punishes love” by Francesco Mancini (1679/1758)
Room of the Virtues
Designed by Carlo Maderno
Frieze “Four virtues” 1616 by Cesare Rossetti (active 1593/1620) and “Landscapes” school of Paul Brill (1554/1626)
Vault mid-nineteenth century maybe by Alessandro Mantovani
Tapestry “Mercury petrifies Aglaurus” about 1550 by the Belgian school of Jean and Guillaume Dermoyen

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