Monday, October 31, 2016

QUIRINAL PALACE (seventh part)

Room of the Bees
Vault of the 1900s with central panel of the 1600s
Stucco frieze “Lorenzo de' Medici banishing vices” about 1800 by Francesco Massimiliano Laboureur (1767/1831)
“Bust of Commodus (180/192)” end of the second century AD
Room of the Zodiac
Vault and lunettes “Zodiac signs” of the end of 1800s by Annibale Brugnoli (1843/1915)
Frieze in bas-relief “Triumph of Caesar” 1812 by Carlo Finelli (1785/1853)
Room of the Piedmont Wallpaper or of the factories of Paul V
It takes its name from the 1750 silk wallpaper of the Ursuline Sisters of Turin, now removed
In 2006 the frieze with “Papal building works alternating with virtues” of 1610 by Ranuccio Semprevivo and Cesare Rossetti (active 1593/1620) was rediscovered
Painting “Galatea” maybe by Giovanni Andrea Sirani
Chapel of the Annunciation
1609 Flaminio Ponzio (1560/1613) for Paul V Borghese (1605/21)
Altar “Annunciation” by Guido Reni (1575/1642)
Frescoes of the years 1609/10 by Guido Reni, including the famous “Madonna of sewing”
Lunettes “Annunciation to Joachim” by Antonio Carracci (about 1589/1618), son of Annibale, and “Presentation in the Temple” by Giovanni Lanfranco (1582/1647)
Left wall “Seven putti” by Francesco Albani (1578/1660)
Room of Tapestries
Room Setup by Ignazio Perricci
Vault “Love crowns the three graces” 1877 by Cesare Maccari (1840/1919)
Four “Eighteenth-century tapestries” of the manufactory of Beauvais from a model of Fran├žois Boucher (1703/70)
In the splays of the windows “Grotesque” beginning of the seventeenth century by Annibale Duranti with coat of arms of Pius VII Chiaramonti (1800/23) added later
Two splendid “Egyptian alabaster urns with lids” first century AD
Room of Mirrors
Vault “Allegory of the dance” 1876 by Ignazio Perricci
Dancing Room
Very high vault, so-called “Roof terrace of Ponzio”
It was painted by Agostino Tassi (1578/1644) and Orazio Lomi aka Orazio Gentileschi (1563/1639) and was fully repainted with the “Triumph of Italy” in 1873 by Girolamo Magnani and Cecrope Barilli (1839/1911)
The carpet is 340 m² (3,700 square feet) woven, just like those of the other rooms, in situ by a company from Turin
Gallery of Busts
Vault “Triumph of candor” 1905 by Alessandro Palombi (active since the end of the XIX/beginning of the XX century)
Five busts with ancient heads

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