Tuesday, April 11, 2017


1646/50 Camillo Arcucci (active from 1646/d. 1667) for the Gottifredi family, a renovation of the original Palazzo Gottifredi by Giacomo Della Porta (1533/1602)
At the beginning of the nineteenth century it belonged to the Ercolani family and it was the home of the ambassador of Austria and of the Infanta of Spain, Maria Luisa of Bourbon-Spain who died here in 1824
1863/74 by Antonio Sarti (1797/1880) for the Grazioli family who had recently acquired nobility and had bought the palace in 1824
“Pomp of the Grazioli family” by Prospero Patti
On the ledge in the corner with Via della Gatta there is a “Marble Cat” from the Iseo Campensis, the temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis which was nearby
A legend says that if one follows the look in the cat's eye, one would find a treasure, but of course no one has ever found anything
The building is leased to Silvio Berlusconi, the greatest destroyer of culture in Italy after World War Two
It is continuously but mistakenly being said that he was voted by the majority of Italians: the data of the Ministry of the Interior, on their official website, clearly state that 13.629.069 Italians voted for him in the elections of 2008. Computed on an electorate of 47,126,326, it constitute a percentage of 29%. Therefore the overwhelming majority of 71% of Italians have not voted for him

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