Tuesday, May 2, 2017


1662 Carlo Rainaldi (1611/91) for Filippo Giuliano Mazzarino Mancini Duke of Nevers and continued until 1690 by Sebastiano Cipriani (about 1660/1740)
Formerly known as Palazzo Salviati is now owned by the Bank of Sicily
Paolo Mancini and his wife Victoria Capocci established here the Academy of Humorists, a meeting place for artists and intellectuals, including G.B. Marino
In 1725 it was bought by the king of France, Louis XV, and was until 1803 the seat of the FRENCH ACADEMY, the most prestigious art school at the time, before it was moved to Villa Medici
The Academy was known as the only public place where it was possible to carry out studies of live nudes, in a period when strict decency was required especially in works commissioned by the papal state
In the GALLERY, a large hall with a barrel vault of 17 m (56 feet) in 1769 students of the French Academy practiced copying into detail the paintings of Raphael in the Vatican Loggia

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