Sunday, September 3, 2017


XII century for the Orsini family with great tower and turreted houses on the ruins of the TEMPLE OF VENUS WINNER which was built in 52 BC above the auditorium of the THEATER OF POMPEY on the years 61/55 BC
In 1450 the building was structured and designed like a veritable palace for Cardinal Francesco Coldumer nephew of Pope Eugene IV Coldumer (1431/47)
The Orsini returned in possession of the palace at the end of 1400s and it was known as PALAZZO ORSINI
The Orsini sold it at the beginning of 1600s to the Pio da Carpi family who did renovation with a NEW FAƇADE by Camillo Arcucci (active from 1646/d. 1667)
The Pio da Carpi amassed a collection of paintings which largely ended up in the Pinacoteca Capitolina
After other owners, it was bought in 1863 by the banker Pietro Righetti who had it restored
In 1926 it was divided into several apartments

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