Friday, September 29, 2017


It was built in the fifteenth century
The palace is known for hosting for a few months in 1466 the Albanian hero Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg (1405/68) who united the tribes of Epirus and Albania, and resisted attempts of the Ottoman Empire to conquer Albania for twenty-five years
The square named after Scanderbeg was the first case of a foreign name used in Roman toponymy
The building is now home to the
National Museum of Pasta
Private museum opened at the behest of Vincenzo Agnesi (1893/1977) the owner of the Agnesi company, pasta producer
The museum is closed for renovation at the time being
ELEVEN ROOMS with tools for the production of pasta and documents on the subject
The museum is strongly opposed by the Albanian community that believes the memory of his national hero is desecrated

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