Tuesday, October 20, 2015



1954 Ugo Luccichenti (1898/1976)

Bold visual and volumetric solutions for this very modern building just a few steps away from Villa Borghese, set in a context of traditional architectures completely contrasting with the particular type of rationalist mannerism that characterizes it

“The volume of the building is divided into base, main body and crown, and each part is transformed by Luccichenti in a pattern of composition. The main body, jutting out over the two floors of the basement, is engraved in the lower level by a loggia continuing on all four sides and bends outward at the front on Via Paisiello. In the roof, the slab jutting out of Largo Spinelli turns the attic into a large loggia digging the volume in its end. The articulated arrangement of the ribbon windows, well designed, gives to the whole building a very peculiar appearance” (Gianluca Ficorilli - Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani Treccani)

“The building is defined by the high quality of its materials (ceramics, wood, glass) and (...) by the ribbon windows modulated almost like a musical score. On one side the wall bends to pick up almost a suggestion from the street, but did not follow it slavishly, managing to maintain its own autonomy, yet being in continuity with the city” (Luca Nicotera - Percorsi romani: Ugo Luccichenti - www.vg-hortus.it)

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