Saturday, October 31, 2015



1950/52 Bruno Zevi (1918/2000) and Silvio Radiconcini

Innovative building where the architect Bruno Zevi practically applied his theory of so-called “organic architecture”

“Bruno Zevi writes in his 'History of Modern Architecture': Organic architecture is a kind of architecture functional not only regarding the technical and the social purpose of the building, but also regarding the psychology of the people'. And again: ''The substance of the organic movement is in the emphasis given by architects to the interior space, the empty cavities of the building, the environment in which social life takes place'. (...) The basic idea is that of using the typological plant of the building, transforming it into a block made out of superimposed villas (4 per floor) in which each accommodation has open spaces, plenty of light, pleasant and varied views to the outside” (Piero Ostilio Rossi)
“Four 'villas' articulated as if they were in the countryside, completely isolated. The organicity of Wright in the urban universe of Le Corbusier, with the profile of roofs in Gaudì style. The scheme is among the most innovative, but the alignment of the windows and the joints between balconies and pillars attenuate its expressiveness” (Official Web Site Fondazione Bruno Zevi -

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